TPTV Network

3D... A New Dimension In Advertising

Traditional OOH and place-based television/digital networks are an increasingly important tool in reaching customers in a fragmented media consumption world.  TPTV helps solve the issues of screen notice and viewer engagement with place-based media by surprising customers with exciting and unexpected 3D content/advertising on large prominent video screens in the highest traffic areas of Travel Plaza convenience stores nationally, regionally or locally.PA-3D2

Amaze!  Astound!  Full 3D without glasses opens the world to our Customers and your Clients!  Here is your opportunity to take your message to right out of the screen on the nations largest auto-stereoscopic 3D network in the U.S.  Imagine the impact of your product flying into the hands of the 20+ million visitors our network entertains every month.  Oh, the possibilities!


The 20 million-plus monthly visitors to the Pilot Flying J travel plaza convenience stores that feature the TPTV network inside, consist of local neighborhood residents - stopping in to get the cheapest gas, beverages, snacks, milk and automotive products, long distance business/vacation travelers and the core customer: long-haul truck drivers.

The TPTV HD-quality 3D displays include 270 screens in high-traffic Travel Plazas across the U.S.  We're in every major DMA and you should be there with us!

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Pilot Flying J is the nation's largest travel plaza company serving long-haul truckers and local communities.  The travel plazas are located along the highest traffic volume interstate highways in B, C and D Counties nationally.  With a wide demographic of customers through our locations each day, your message is sure to hit your target...

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The content on TPTV video/digital screens consists of eye-catching and engaging 3D commercials and interstitials as well as 2D standard commercials and videos.  Current interstitials include 3D animations, PFJ truck stop services and products and other items of interest to the core trucker visitor.  Future content plans include regional weather updates and healthy-eating features for road warriors.

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